FAP Turbo 50

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FAP Turbo 50 is finally released. As you probably know FAP Turbo is the most successful commercial forex trading robot. With more than 65,000 customers FAP Turbo beats all other robots in the market in terms of number of satisfied customers. (See FAP Turbo review online.) The new version 50 of FAP Turbo has got many exciting features. Take a look at them below.

What is new in FAPTurbo 50?
The major highlight of FAP Turbo version 50 is the introduction of GBP/USD (GBPound vs US Dollar) currency pair. This 6th currency pair is introduced after 5 months of live trading and testing. Also Fapturbo50 includes new and improved default settings for the EUR/CHF and USD/CAD currency pairs to improve your trading performance.

Where can I download FAP Turbo 50?
All the existing customers will get the updated version 50 for free. If you are not an exisiting customer you can download FAP Turbo 50 here.

How do I install FAP Turbo 50?
If you are a current fapturbo customer, go to the Members area “Download” section, and download the new EX4 file. Place this new ex4 file in your /experts folder. Make sure you have the original fapturbo3.dll in the libraries folder. You don’t have to delete the old .ex4 file. Just copy and paste to the Experts folder and you are ready to use the new FAP Turbo 50 expert advisor.

FAP Turbo 50 Settings:
It is too early to provide the FAP Turbo settings for this new verion. I highly suggest you to check out Rob’s FAP Turbo Expert Guide for the latest FAP Turbo 50 settings.

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