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Forex day trading can be fast and furious especially if you are into forex scalping. You will need a good day trading course or a good forex scalping system such as Delphi Scalper to help you make the most of it. That means, of course, making profits instead of losses, and ending most days with a tidy sum added to your account. But it is not always easy. In fact, many beginners lose big when they start forex trading. Why is this and how can you avoid it?

1. Forex Day Trading Profit Targets
The aim of forex day trading is to enter and exit a trade within the same day and make some profit. A good forex day trading course often advises aiming for a certain amount of profit each day. It could be a set number of pips such as 25 or 50 pips or it could be expressed in terms of your funds, for example 2% of your total balance. That may not seem much but if you actually succeed in making 2% of your funds each day, the cumulative effect of adding this back into your account would mean that at the end of a year (240 trading days) your funds would have multiplied over 100 times: for example, from $1,000 to over $113,000.

This sounds great but the effect of feeling that you ‘must’ make a certain amount each day, either in pips or in dollars, can add to what is already a high stress atmosphere. Some days the market just is not right for trading. What do you do? Stay out and feel you have failed because you didn’t make your 2%? Try for 4% the next day to make up? Or trade anyway, and quite likely end up with a loss instead of a profit?

So it is very important to cut yourself some slack if you are using this type of trading system. If the signals are not right, do not trade. Do not expect to make your target 5 days a week, but aim instead for 4 profitable days and 1 day where you break even or do not trade. That is much more manageable and will reduce the risk that comes from feeling that you must make a certain number of trades in the day.

2. Complex Forex Trading Systems
Many forex trading systems are too complex for beginners who are trying to follow a day trading course plan. When you are day trading you have to keep in touch with the market all of the time. If there are too many indicators to check before you can open or close a trade, it is much more likely that mistakes and missed opportunities will occur. You also don’t want to be operating more than one currency pair, at least not in the beginning.

Look for a simple system that you understand and can operate quickly. Often times this will be just as profitable as something more complex. Unfortunately, consumers think that more means better and this applies to forex trading systems as well as anything else. It means that somebody selling a simple but highly profitable system will receive a ton of refund requests because their ebook was too short or easy to understand. The result is that many writers will make their system more complex than it needs to be, just to keep customers happy. It’s a crazy situation. Don’t buy into that process but look for the simplest profitable system that you can find.

3. Analysis Paralysis
We are lucky these days to have many ways of testing forex trading systems. Free forex charts give us all the past price information that we need for complete back testing, and brokers are falling over each other to get us to try their demo accounts. It is easy to stay in demo almost indefinitely, testing and tweaking one system after another.

But if you want to make any money with forex trading, the moment must come when you step into the real market and take a real risk. You can start small but do start. If your forex day trading course has prepared you well, you should be able to handle it. If you are going to try forex scalping I highly recommend you to check out Delphi Scalper review website.

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